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MSNBC Science and Space News
MSNBC Science and Space News
USA Today Science and Space News shuttle blasts off on last night flight
Mon, 8 Feb 2010 16:58:54 GMT
Space shuttle Endeavour is rocketing toward the space station on one of the shuttle program's last scheduled missions.
 ' century-old whisky found in Antarctic
Fri, 5 Feb 2010 22:39:17 GMT
This Scotch has been on the rocks for a century.
  celebrate evolution on Darwin's birthday
Fri, 5 Feb 2010 23:37:59 GMT
Darwin Day came in a big way last year with hundreds of Feb. 12 celebrations noting the bicentennial birthday of evolution's icon all over the globe.
  USA TODAY Weather
Fri, 5 Feb 2010 17:38:32 GMT
Where is the top of a tornado? How much melted snow does an inch of rain equal? Are we in an El Nino? These and many more weather questions are answered in our online weather Q and A column.
  losing habitats due to climate
Fri, 5 Feb 2010 16:19:39 GMT
A study of beleaguered butterflies in California provides some of the best clues yet as to how other animals may react to climate change, scientists say.
 , stripes: Dinosaurs had them before designers
Thu, 4 Feb 2010 21:21:39 GMT
Who knew dinos were so fashionable? Researchers now say they had color, from russet-colored feathers to a jazzy specimen with a Mohawk crest and stripes.
  doubles wind power in 1 year
Wed, 3 Feb 2010 17:28:44 GMT
China doubled the amount of energy generated from windmills last year, a report from the global wind industry said Wednesday.
  sends rocket with animal menagerie into space
Wed, 3 Feb 2010 17:41:27 GMT
Iran announced Wednesday it has successfully launched a research rocket carrying a mouse, two turtles and worms into space -- a feat President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said showed Iran could defeat the West in the battle of technology.
 's seven new space pioneers are companies
Wed, 3 Feb 2010 17:39:21 GMT
A half century ago the Mercury Seven embodied America's space future. Now it's the merchant seven: space companies for hire.
  groups assail patenting of human genes
Wed, 3 Feb 2010 05:57:45 GMT
Businesses argue in court that financial incentives are crucial.
  Obama kills NASA's moon mission plans
Tue, 2 Feb 2010 07:08:31 GMT
President Obama is redirecting America's space program, killing NASA's $100 billion plans to return astronauts to the moon and using much of that money for new rocket technology research.
 happens to those 3-D glasses after 'Avatar'?
Tue, 2 Feb 2010 02:10:33 GMT
Recycling programs are in place to deal with the 935,834 pairs of 3-D glasses worn daily to see 'Avatar.'
 science book worth your time
Mon, 1 Feb 2010 16:45:48 GMT
Time waits for no man. But when it comes to time, one man, Caltech physicist Sean Carroll, might be worth yours.
 Water vapor may help 'flatten global warming trend'
Fri, 29 Jan 2010 20:40:06 GMT
Why Earth's surface temperature hasn't warmed as expected puzzles scientists. Water vapor in the stratosphere may be a factor, says a new study.
 fish virus found in Lake Superior
Thu, 28 Jan 2010 01:05:02 GMT
Researchers say a fatal fish virus has been found in Lake Superior for the first time, meaning it has spread to all the Great Lakes.
USA Today Science and Space News
Reuters Science and Space News
Little sun bear's facial mimicry reveals complex social skills
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 17:12:47 -0400
Sun bears, the smallest of the world's eight bear species, are generally solitary animals, content to spend most of their time alone outside mating season, foraging for fruit, rodents, birds and insects in Southeast Asian tropical forests.
Boeing delays by months test flights for U.S. human space program: sources
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 18:47:07 -0400
Boeing Co has delayed by at least three months its first uncrewed flight to the International Space Station under NASA's human spaceflight program, and pushed its crewed flight until November, industry sources said on Wednesday.
China clones 'Sherlock Holmes' police dog to cut training times: state media
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 02:14:41 -0400
Scientists in southwest China's Yunnan province have cloned what they called the "Sherlock Holmes of police dogs" in a program they hope will help cut training times and costs for police dogs, state media reported on Wednesday.
WHO panel calls for registry of all human gene editing research
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 15:54:29 -0400
It would be irresponsible for any scientist to conduct human gene-editing studies in people, and a central registry of research plans should be set up to ensure transparency, World Health Organization experts said on Tuesday.
Brazilian physicist wins $1.4 million Templeton Prize
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 06:19:00 -0400
Brazilian physicist and astronomer Marcelo Gleiser has been awarded the 2019 Templeton Prize, worth $1.4 million, for his work blending science and spirituality.
Russian space rocket lifts off with astronauts who survived rocket failure
Thu, 14 Mar 2019 19:48:25 -0400
A Russian-made Soyuz rocket lifted off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Thursday, carrying three astronauts into space, two of whom survived a mid-air rocket failure in October.
Experts call for halt to gene editing that results in 'designer babies'
Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:03:29 -0400
Top scientists and ethicists from seven countries on Wednesday called for a global moratorium on gene editing of human eggs, sperm or embryos that would result in genetically-altered babies after a rogue Chinese researcher last year announced the birth of the world's first gene-edited twins.
Space station crew confident on eve of first launch since rocket failure
Wed, 13 Mar 2019 13:03:34 -0400
Two astronauts who survived a dramatic launch mishap in October said on Wednesday they were confident this time about reaching the International Space Station, though they said a small fault had been discovered on their rocket during final checks.
Toyota, Japan space agency join forces to develop moon rover
Tue, 12 Mar 2019 14:57:56 -0400
Toyota Motor Corp, one of the world's largest automakers, and Japan's space agency said on Tuesday they had agreed to cooperate in developing a manned lunar rover that runs on fuel cell technologies.
Brazil to sign accord with U.S. on space technology next week
Mon, 11 Mar 2019 19:00:37 -0400
The United States and Brazil have negotiated an accord to safeguard U.S. space technology the South American nation hopes will be used in commercial rockets lifting off from its launch site near the equator, the Brazilian government said on Monday.
Elon Musk's SpaceX capsule splashes down off Florida coast
Fri, 08 Mar 2019 13:08:35 -0500
An unmanned capsule from Elon Musk's SpaceX splashed into the Atlantic Ocean on Friday, successfully completing a mission crucial to NASA's long-delayed quest to resume human space flight from U.S. soil later this year.
Musk's SpaceX capsule set to splash down Friday after space station stop
Thu, 07 Mar 2019 16:10:37 -0500
An unmanned capsule from Elon Musk's SpaceX was due to return to earth on Friday after a short-term stay on the International Space Station, capping the first orbital test mission in NASA's long-delayed quest to resume human space flight from U.S. soil later this year.
Russia wants to join Luxembourg in space mining
Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:50:37 -0500
Russia, a leading producer of natural resources, plans to join Luxembourg in mining for minerals in outer space, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said on Wednesday.
MSF-run hospital develops 3D printed prosthetics for war victims
Wed, 06 Mar 2019 09:10:19 -0500
A hospital in Jordan has given a victim of Yemen's war new hope for the future, thanks to the cutting edge technology of 3D printed prosthetics. 
Body language: The Russian science keeping North Korea's dead leaders looking fresh
Tue, 05 Mar 2019 19:01:39 -0500
Perhaps none of the communist legacies shared by Vietnam and North Korea highlighted during Kim Jong Un’s “goodwill visit” to Hanoi is stranger than the embalmed leaders on display in their capital cities, and the secretive team of Russian technicians that keeps the aging bodies looking ageless.
SpaceX rocket with unmanned U.S. capsule blasts off for space station
Mon, 04 Mar 2019 13:05:46 -0500
(This March 3 story has been refiled to correct paragraph 9 to read "into orbit" instead of "into space")
Europe's satellites flying blind as space junk spreads: ESA adviser
Thu, 28 Feb 2019 09:49:32 -0500
Europe needs its own technology to guard against a growing threat to its satellites from space junk ranging from dead satellites to tiny particles, according to a top adviser to the European Space Agency (ESA).
Airbus, OneWeb aim for new satellite era with first launch
Thu, 28 Feb 2019 08:21:17 -0500
A rocket carrying six satellites built by Airbus SE and partner OneWeb blasted off from French Guiana on Wednesday, the first step in a plan to give millions of people in remote and rural areas high-speed internet beamed down from space.
Melting missiles: just one problem with F-35s stopping N Korea rockets
Wed, 27 Feb 2019 10:01:56 -0500
Looking for a quick way to stop North Korean missiles immediately after lift-off, the Pentagon is studying as a near-term option whether a group of F-35 fighter jets hovering around North Korean airspace could pick off freshly-launched rockets.
NASA clears SpaceX test flight to space station
Fri, 22 Feb 2019 18:41:23 -0500
NASA gave its final go-ahead on Friday to billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's SpaceX company to conduct its first unmanned test flight of a newly designed crew capsule to the International Space Station on March 2.
Reuters Science and Space News
CBS Science and Space News
Google fined $1.7 billion by EU for blocking advertising rivals
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 12:13:38 +0000
The EU said its investigation found Google broke the EU's antitrust rules by imposing contractual restrictions on rivals
MySpace deletes 12 years' worth of music
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 19:47:23 +0000
Social network points to server issue in explaining why videos, audio files and other material is no longer on the site
Google to announce a new cloud-based gaming service
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:20:07 +0000
The search engine giant is expected to make its foray into online gaming during the 2019 Game Developers Conference
"Marine MacGyver" boot camp helps troops confront modern enemy
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 17:41:22 +0000
At a hands-on training course, U.S. Marine Corps is learning to use some of the same tools and technology the enemy does
Nunes sues Twitter and others for $250 million
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 19:43:53 +0000
Accuses the social media giant of defamation, negligence and "shadow banning" conservatives; Twitter has denied that in the past
New Zealand shooting: Facebook faces advertising boycott over livestream
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 01:29:29 +0000
Business groups say the social media company must take steps to prevent more livestreamed carnage
Perfect storm of extreme weather and climate change drove deadly Midwest flooding
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:45:08 +0000
Melting snow, "bomb cyclone" rain and climate change conspired to push these floods over the top
Social Security may use Facebook and Instagram posts to nix disability claims
Thu, 21 Mar 2019 12:46:08 +0000
The agency now uses social media to investigate fraud, but soon it may expand that to evaluate disability applicants
Dead whale washes up with 88 pounds of plastic in its stomach
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 14:49:30 +0000
"This whale had the most plastic we have ever seen in a whale. It's disgusting."
Climate Diaries: Mini-satellites help map the Great Barrier Reef
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:18:02 +0000
So-called ocean heat waves are happening more often, lasting longer, and becoming more severe. Researchers compare the phenomenon to wildfires on land. But instead of wiping out forests, they destroy kelp, sea grass, and coral reefs underwater. One group of scientists is trying to save coral reefs by cataloging all 150,000 of them worldwide. For his Climate Diaries series, Mark Philips swam along on a recent expedition to the most famous coral reef in the world.
Why Congress needs to revisit social media companies' exemptions from FCC rules
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:17:45 +0000
A gunman attacked two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday, killing 50 people. The suspect appeared to livestream the attack. CBS News senior national security analyst Fran Townsend, former homeland security and counterterrorism adviser to President George W. Bush, joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss what social media companies can do to help prevent extremists from live streaming and taking advantage of its platforms.
Tracking returns: Inside a Texas warehouse, the land of buyer's remorse
Mon, 18 Mar 2019 21:03:57 +0000
The growing popularity of online shopping means items are returned in greater numbers than ever before. If you return too much, you could get black listed. Janet Shamlian takes a closer look at where returns go after you send them back.
Facebook removed 1.5 million videos of New Zealand terror attack
Wed, 20 Mar 2019 04:01:15 +0000
Social media company also said it prevented 1.2 million copies of the video from being uploaded to its platform
Oil spill still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico 15 years later
Sun, 17 Mar 2019 22:20:55 +0000
When Hurricane Ivan plowed across the Gulf of Mexico in 2004, it triggered an oil spill that is still leaking. It's the longest continuous oil spill in American history. Omar Villafranca reports.
Apple owes Qualcomm $31 million for patent infringement, jury rules
Fri, 15 Mar 2019 21:43:57 +0000
Qualcomm and Apple have been sparring over who invented key technology used in many mobile devices
New Zealand shooting puts grim focus on social media
Sun, 17 Mar 2019 21:00:33 +0000
An alleged gunman in New Zealand apparently livestreamed the attack and posted a manifesto online
Facebook launches AI tool to remove "revenge porn"
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 01:31:46 +0000
Users currently must report inappropriate images, which slows the process of pulling them off the site
Standoff between eagle and squirrel goes viral
Fri, 15 Mar 2019 23:44:38 +0000
The photographer tells CBS News the squirrel was a mother defending its babies – and she persevered
Facebook, YouTube trying to rein in footage of New Zealand mosque shooting
Fri, 15 Mar 2019 12:17:04 +0000
Unverified footage as well as posts of praise or support for the crime are being removed from Facebook and other social media sites
Facebook loses 2 executives amid series of scandals
Tue, 19 Mar 2019 01:30:41 +0000
Facebook said its chief product officer Chris Cox is leaving, along with Chris Daniels, who heads Facebook-owned messaging app WhatsApp
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