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Special counsel brings new charges against Manafort, Gates
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:56:38 +0000
Mueller filed an indictment with 32 counts against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and associate Richard Gates
Trump suggests bonuses for armed teachers in effort to prevent shootings
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:03:24 +0000
The president said "highly adept" teachers that do carry will be given "a bonus"
What it's like for one teacher who already carries a gun
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:03:26 +0000
At least four states are considering legislation that would allow educators to carry a concealed firearm in schools -- and eight states already do
New questions after sheriff says Parkland armed guard never went inside
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:19:12 +0000
2018 Winter Olympics: Figure skating holds big finale
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:32:53 +0000
Gov. indicted for allegedly taking compromising photo
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:38:14 +0000
Winter Olympics wipeouts
Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:39:05 +0000
When skaters, skiers and snowboarders push themselves to the limit, sometimes things go wrong
Man yelled "murderers" and thrashed on gurney during execution
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:26:15 +0000
Swollen rivers keep rising as Midwest flooding forces people from homes
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 20:17:08 +0000
Social Security underpays thousands of widows and widowers
Fri, 16 Feb 2018 19:24:27 +0000
GOP congresswoman claims many mass murderers are Democrats
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 15:32:41 +0000
"Racially insensitive" menu at NYU leads to firings
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 18:37:22 +0000
Best of the Winter Olympics: Week 2
Sat, 17 Feb 2018 15:45:36 +0000
Olympic moments to remember from Pyeongchang, South Korea
Nurses indicted after being seen laughing as WWII vet dies
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:10:35 +0000
Man says support dog bit child on flight
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 13:18:39 +0000
Fraser says former HFPA president sexually harassed him
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:58:06 +0000
Inmate scheduled to die claims risk for "botched" execution
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:52:01 +0000
Road rage allegedly prompted man to shoot Postal worker
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:44:01 +0000
Serial killer Rodney Alcala's secret photos
Thu, 23 Sep 2010 23:00:57 +0000
Investigators want the public's help identifying women and children in convicted serial killer Rodney Alcala's photographs
Jury recommends death for man who raped, killed Fla. girl
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:41:10 +0000
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Yahoo Top News Stories
Parkland students: 'We will not be silenced' on guns
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:31:45 -0500
Parkland students: 'We will not be silenced' on gunsSurvivors of last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., emerged from meetings with state lawmakers in Tallahassee, Fla., on Wednesday, vowing to continue their movement until U.S. lawmakers enact stricter gun laws.
Parkland Student Says Arming Teachers With Guns Is A 'Terrible Idea'
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:10:33 -0500
Parkland Student Says Arming Teachers With Guns Is A 'Terrible Idea'Alfonso Calderon is not here for President Donald Trump’s idea to arm teachers with guns.
Autopsy confirms Virginia woman was mauled to death by her own pit bulls
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:42:51 -0500
Autopsy confirms Virginia woman was mauled to death by her own pit bullsAn autopsy has confirmed that a Virginia woman believed to have been mauled to death by her own pit bulls in December did indeed die from "trauma due to mauling by animals."
Kushner Doesn't Want To Give Up His Security Clearance As John Kelly Cracks Down: Report
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 00:44:19 -0500
Kushner Doesn't Want To Give Up His Security Clearance As John Kelly Cracks Down: ReportWhite House senior adviser Jared Kushner doesn’t want to give up the interim security clearance that gives him access to highly classified information, even though his current duties likely don’t require him to view top-secret material, The New York Times reported on Tuesday.
New York University issues public apology for 'racially insensitive' meal served during Black History Month
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:40:00 -0500
New York University issues public apology for 'racially insensitive' meal served during Black History MonthNew York University has issued a public apology and fired their director of food service after students pointed out the watermelon-flavoured water and collard greens the school was serving during Black History Month were racially insensitive. College of Arts and Science sophomore Nia Harris noticed the offensive meal when she walked into Weinstein Passport Dining Hall - before alerting the deans of the school and NYU’s President Hamilton of the insensitive and “stereotypical” meal. “Not only was this racially insensitive, this was just ignorant.
Truck was on tracks despite gates when struck by Amtrak train: U.S. report
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 13:03:58 -0500
Truck was on tracks despite gates when struck by Amtrak train: U.S. reportA garbage truck was on the tracks despite lowered safety gates when it was struck by a train carrying Republican lawmakers in a fatal crash last month in rural Virginia, the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said on Wednesday. Data from a camera mounted on the front of the chartered Amtrak train showed the gates were down at the crossing at the time of the crash, according to a preliminary NTSB report on the Jan. 31 accident. A passenger on the garbage truck was killed and two others on the truck were injured.
Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Donald Trump Jr. For Perpetuating Florida Shooting Conspiracies
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 03:58:39 -0500
Jimmy Kimmel Shreds Donald Trump Jr. For Perpetuating Florida Shooting ConspiraciesJimmy Kimmel has absolutely no time for people who peddle conspiracy theories, including Donald Trump Jr.
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: ‘Elites’ don’t care about school safety
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:54:52 -0500
NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: ‘Elites’ don’t care about school safetyOn Thursday, Feb. 22, the National Rifle Association’s executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference amid the nation’s heated debate about gun control following the Parkland, Fla., school shooting. During his speech, LaPierre said “elites” don’t care about school safety, and he called for more guns in schools.
University experts to lead Puerto Rico storm death review
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:38:03 -0500
University experts to lead Puerto Rico storm death reviewSAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — Puerto Rico's governor announced Thursday that a team of experts at George Washington University will lead an independent, in-depth review to determine the number of deaths caused by Hurricane Maria amid accusations that the U.S. territory has undercounted the toll.
What Billy Graham's Death And His Son Franklin's Rise Reveal About America
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 15:46:25 -0500
What Billy Graham's Death And His Son Franklin's Rise Reveal About AmericaBilly Graham died Wednesday at 99
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MSNBC Top News Stories
Armed school resource officer 'never went in' to Parkland school
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:53:16 GMT
The sheriff said the revelation made him "sick to my stomach. There are no words I mean these families lost their children."
Trump's proposal to arm teachers panned as 'colossally stupid idea'
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 21:46:00 GMT
Following speeches by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre and President Donald Trump, experts said arming teachers simply won't solve our school safety problem.
How Parkland's social media-savvy teens took back the gun debate
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 20:51:00 GMT
Twitter has verified student leaders, who have amassed thousands of followers in the past week
NRA's LaPierre accuses Dems of exploiting Parkland shooting
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 19:05:30 GMT
At CPAC 2018, LaPierre warned conservatives against "socialism" and said that gun control advocates care more about limiting liberty than protecting kids.
Trump floats pay bonus for teachers willing to take up arms
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 19:02:00 GMT
President Donald Trump said Thursday that firearm-adept staff could be given "a little bit of a bonus" for carrying weapons in schools, and suggested the government might fund their training.
Trump's plan to arm teachers like me makes no sense
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 18:02:00 GMT
A gun in my hand isn't a solution for a school roof that leaks every time it rains and it doesn't give students the books they need.
FBI says it's trying to rebuild trust after botched Parkland tip
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 23:40:32 GMT
David Bowdich, the FBI's acting deputy director, says the bureau is "doing everything we can" to regain public trust after failing to investigate a tip about Nikolas Cruz, accused of gunning down 17 people.
New indictment hits Manafort, Gates with tax and bank fraud charges
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:29:44 GMT
The 32-count indictment was filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Virginia
The International Space Station was never supposed to end like this
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 16:09:00 GMT
New plan to defund space station opens up some surprising possibilities.
Two decades after being sold, North Korean woman finds salvation in Seoul
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:02:00 GMT
While the problem continues with essentially no repercussions against those who buy or sell women, one North Korean defector says she is one of the lucky ones.
Missouri governor indicted on invasion of privacy charge related to affair
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 00:52:00 GMT
A St. Louis grand jury has indicted Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens on a felony invasion of privacy charge related to the Republican's admitted extramarital affair with a woman in 2015.
The GOP is pushing a bill that favors strip malls over disabled Americans
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 18:45:00 GMT
The Republicans' bill would devastate the civil rights of disabled Americans. You need to know about it.
Father's wish granted: Texas spares death-row inmate in family murder
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:32:32 GMT
The governor decided Thomas Whitaker, who killed his mother and brother, will not be executed.
Neanderthals made oldest cave art ever found
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 22:07:02 GMT
Drawings and jewelry found in Spain too old to have been made by modern humans
When cities go to war: why tax incentives are 'terrible'
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 16:30:00 GMT
In a concerted effort to attract jobs, cities, counties and states give private companies huge tax incentives to locate their operations within that jurisdiction. According to former Kansas City auditor and mayor Mark Funkhouser, these tax breaks are essentially fraudulent bribes and should be illegal.
Antibiotic can kill if you have heart disease, FDA says
Fri, 23 Feb 2018 01:33:25 GMT
Clarithromycin can kill even years later, FDA says
For gay parents, first comes the baby — then comes the debt
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 17:32:00 GMT
There are more options than ever for same-sex couples looking to expand their families, but it's not a simple — or affordable — endeavor for many.
Judges give skaters from their own countries better scores in PyeongChang
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 10:01:18 GMT
The data from the 2018 Winter Games shows that American judges are just like everybody else — they give better scores to figure skaters from their own country.
GWU experts to lead Puerto Rico storm death review
Thu, 22 Feb 2018 20:36:00 GMT
Gov. Ricardo Rossello's admin had maintained that 64 people died as a result of Hurricane Maria. But critics have said the death toll is much higher
Teachers: How has the shooting changed your classrooms?
Wed, 21 Feb 2018 20:52:13 GMT
If you are an educator, NBC News wants to hear from you. What, if anything, have you done differently in your classrooms since the Parkland, Florida, shooting?
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